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Product Description: Travel Beverage Container

The Walking with Purpose Travel Beverage Container is perfect to carry around your hot or cold beverages throughout the day. At a full 20 oz. capacity, this travel tumbler is sleek and lightweight, making it easy to fit into your car cup holder. The Walking with Purpose Travel Beverage Container is made with 100% durable stainless steel to keep the temperature of your favorite beverage longer due to its double wall insulation. It includes a clear plastic push-in lid with suction closure to ens

COVID-19, 2 Corinthians, and Sauvignon Blanc

My 77-year-old mother is a model of efficiency. When she has news to share with her three children, rarely will she make three phone calls. If you ask my mom, email is sufficient for most communications. She also seems to doubt that group texts actually work. But group email? That’s her game. And the most recent email she sent to my brother, sister, and me read exactly as follows: “The doctor called. I have the virus. Quarantined for 14 days after symptoms go away. Mom.”

Let Your Light Shine Before Men

The small television that sits on our kitchen counter between the knife block and the coffee maker was flecked with dried brown batter bits from my son’s attempt at making brownies the night before. As I carefully scrubbed the splatter with the corner of a sponge on Saturday morning, I watched the news, which was concluding its coverage of the March 16 Atlanta spa shootings that left eight people dead—most of them women of Asian descent.

The Student Who Spoke Up

Cassie Blotner, a ninth-grade student at Clarkstown South High School felt “really uncomfortable” when she saw a video in Social Studies class that inappropriately portrayed Jews during the Roman Empire. Cassie told her parents about the video later that day and the school district and Federation got involved – showing that one person can truly make a difference. “The video just wasn’t true. It described the Jewish religion as exclusive but I think we are inclusive,” Cassie said. Cassie went on